Ben’s process

Hamilton-Baillie Associates are one of the very few specialists offering advice to small towns and parish councils on ways to tackle the growing problems of traffic.  Many communities have worked on their Neighbourhood Plans, and find it difficult to know how to respond to concerns about speed, and the loss of village identity in the face of heavy traffic.

For towns and villages it is helpful to take the first step by arranging a one- or two- day visit from Hamilton-Baillie Associates to culminate in a local public meeting.  This gives an opportunity for Ben to carry out an intensive analysis based on the available information, make some initial assessments and observations, and assemble these for presentation at an early evening meeting. The presentation can illustrate a number of important principles for reducing the impact of traffic, with some recommendations for priority measures and next steps.

Communities who have recently benefited from this starting point include

  • Colwyn Bay, North Wales
  • Mid Cherwell Neighbourhood Plan Forum, Oxfordshire
  • Henley-on-Thames, Berkshire
  • Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire
  • Ruyton XI Towns, Shropshire

An initial visit helps to build consensus for taking the next step, which typically involves a more detailed study with outline sketch designs for the most important and practical measures.  Often these are very small scale; – measures that can be undertaken by communities themselves.  A more detailed study also provides clarity when it comes to engaging with the local highway authority and all the other relevant organisations.

Communities to have benefited from more detailed studies include:

Call or email if your town or parish council might benefit from an initial discussion.