About Hamilton-Baillie Associates

Hamilton-Baillie Associates Ltd is a small company providing specialist knowledge and experience of innovative solutions for reconciling traffic movement with quality public spaces in cities, towns and villages.

Based in Bristol, Hamilton-Baillie Associates Ltd provides practical advice and policy development work to combine urban design, traffic engineering and safety improvements. Clients include highway authorities, government agencies, developers, community groups and design teams in architecture, urban and landscape design, planning, regeneration, transport and traffic engineering.

Hamilton-Baillie Associates’ work draws on extensive research and observations of best practice in mainland Europe, North America and across the UK.

About Ben

Ben Hamilton-Baillie is a specialist in street design, with a lifelong interest in reducing the impact of traffic in towns and villages.  After qualifying as an architect, he worked in housing, transport and planning before founding Hamilton-Baillie Associates in 2003. He is an innovator, exploring, researching and developing new approaches to traffic management and street design that promote safety, economic vitality and civility.

Ben is a fellow of Harvard University and has taught extensively in the UK and USA. He brings experience of best practice from mainland European street design, having worked with the late Hans Monderman and other pioneers of low-speed traffic management.  Ben is a “Built Environment Expert” (BEE) for the Design Commission CABE, and contributes to design advisory panels across the UK. He has a particular interest in finding new ways to improve safety and mobility for children, older people and those with physical and visual disabilities.

Ben was the lead designer for the groundbreaking redesign of Poynton Town Centre in Cheshire. Other schemes include the new Frideswide Square in Oxford, and the regeneration of Preston’s main retail street, Fishergate.  He has built up a unique body of knowledge about traffic in small towns and villages, and advises many town and parish councils developing neighbourhood plans. He is author of Traffic in Villages: A toolkit for communities.